The Universe
Not exactly perfect now is let's make it so.
Version 0.0.5, We launched the game on the Apple App Store. Just to undertand the process of "launching" and to get a feel of what we were doing. A few downloads, a relative's 5 star review. Atleast, zero complaints. At this point, we were still using Photon, and the lag was not what we wanted. We knew we didn't want to use photon because of its CCU limits, and... because.
Photon had served our concept well.
So I started to research how to implement a new multiplayer system.
Hello, enter Nakama.
Woah. Cool features.
It requires, thoughtful planning, yet in the long run it will lead to a beautiful execution if done correctly.
It's a little bit more complicated then I thought, but I know it will lead to a better implementation for this scenario.
Lag.... why? 😭
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